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One of America’s most celebrated holidays, Halloween gives us the opportunity to cast aside our normal routines as we take on the forms of imps, rascals, and rogues. Adults indulge in their creativity by transforming into hilarious, hot, hideous, and horribly offensive entities in order to express themselves and take back the night. In wake of October 31st, once friendly Wisconsin neighbors turn competitive in an attempt to create the most decorated house with the help of traditional decorations and haunted-house-level, high tech props. Following in their parents’ Halloween spirit, toddlers and teenagers learn how to disguise themselves as their favorite superheroes, pirates, princesses, and fairies as they haunt local streets, patrolling our towns and cities for candy. It’s a single night where necromancy is celebrated in Milwaukee and anyone in Brookfield can turn heads, inherit royalty, and parade streets in Greenfield as a vigilante of justice.

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This is Halloween! There are few days when Harry Potter, Elsa, and The Joker rejoice together among jack-o’-lanterns as candy corn and chocolates fall into their hands like snow. Our greatest fears become our armor as we put on the masks of vampires, witches, and warlocks and slip on the skins of goblins, ghosts, and ghouls. There is nothing better than joining the dark forces which conspire against mankind in a night of observing the most evil and pure creatures of our collective culture. Whether you are interested in becoming an evil spirit hell-bent on destroying the world or a beautiful queen of the damned, your Wisconsin Halloween begins here at Halloween Express. From masquerade masks to couples Halloween Express costumes, our Brookfield, Greenfield, and Milwaukee locations carry every costume, decoration, accessory, and prop available to make your Halloween gathering or party the best of the century, including:

Shop Halloween Express online or visit one of our Milwaukee, Greenfield, or Brookfield, Wisconsin Halloween store locations.

Get into the Holiday Spirit with Last Minute Men’s & Boys’ Costumes from Halloween Express

It’s no secret men tend to be forgetful, but even though Halloween is tomorrow (or today) doesn’t mean a man’s ambition disappears. Just because you are running late on hold of 2016’s hottest getup doesn’t mean you are restricted in your ability to express your Halloween spirit. Whether you are interested in throwing on Darth Vader’s helmet, Deadpool’s suit, the backpack of a Ghostbuster, step inside one of our giant haunted pumpkins in Greenfield, Brookfield, or Milwaukee and feast your eyes upon Wisconsin’s largest assortment of horrifying and hilarious Halloween costumes! Halloween Express carries men’s Halloween costumes for guys of all shapes and sizes. It’s easy to be scary, sexy, and silly last minute Costumes for men and couples. Halloween Express even has kid’s costumes for boys looking to be superheroes, vampires, or monsters! Men’s costumes at Halloween Express encompass almost every category and include, but are not limited to:

Order men’s and boys’ Halloween accessories and disguises from Halloween Express online or in store at any of our Greenfield, Brookfield, or Milwaukee locations.

Own the Night with Scary, Sexy and Stylish Women’s Costumes from Halloween Express

Although no one can pinpoint the exact origins of Halloween, a theory exists where Halloween has roots with the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruitful abundance. If this is true, Halloween may literally belong to women. It comes as no surprise then why every year the best new Halloween costumes are made for women. Halloween Express carries one of the most comprehensive selections of women’s and girls’ Halloween disguises. If Halloween really is YOUR holiday, you need to be dressed to kill – literally too, if you’d like.

Express your love for Halloween this year by giving yourself the most classic and fresh costume choices for ladies of all ages and stages in life. Halloween Express not only has costumes for girls, but for teens and expecting mothers as well. Dress as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Minnie Mouse, Pocahontas, and your favorite Harry Potter characters with Halloween Express. Women can spend the night prowling the city as Catwoman or exploring the neighborhood as Alice in Wonderland while girls can throw on a mermaid, Tinkerbell, or Pink Power Rangers suit for trick or treating. Alongside these options, Halloween Express also carries popular costumes from movies such as Mulan, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Tangled, and the Wizard of Oz.

Whether you want to feel gorgeous in a ripped, zombie prom dress or you are focused on striking fear in your family with a blood stained Carrie costume, Halloween Express has everything you could want to help you get in the Halloween spirit. With quick shipping and handling for all Wisconsin residents in Greenfield, Brookfield, Milwaukee, and beyond, screams of laughter and screams of fear can be one click away! Aside from the traditional witch, ghost, and vampire costumes we have, there are a number of alternative Halloween disguises online and in our stores, including, but never limited to:

For Girls:


Order Halloween Express women’s and girl’s costumes online or in store at any of our Greenfield, Brookfield, or Milwaukee locations.

Halloween Costumes for Goblins and Ghouls of All Sizes

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step inside our giant haunted pumpkin and feast your eyes upon Wisconsin’s largest assortment horrifying, hilarious Halloween costumes! Halloween Express carries adult Halloween costumes of all shapes and sizes. Find scary, sexy, silly costumes for men, women and couples. Halloween Express even has kid’s costumes for boys and girls looking to be superheroes, witches, vampires, princesses, monsters and more!

Halloween Accessories for Pirates, Princesses, and Pinhead

Whether you need a tiara or a scimitar you can find the perfect Halloween accessories at Halloween Express. It doesn’t matter if you’re a last-minute shopper looking for some easy glory or a meticulous planner looking to accessorize the perfect get-up, you’ll find exactly what you need. We have everything from Alice to Zombie Alice because Halloween Express is Everything Halloween.

Halloween Decorations for Home Haunters

Halloween Express is Everything Halloween. Meaning we have enough scary Halloween decorations and props to make the house from Amityville Horror look like a posh summer home. Professional and amateur home haunters can find everything they need at Halloween Express.

Shop Costumes and find ideas for Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Women and Men…

Whether you’re a professional home haunter or a goblin looking to get down this Halloween, you’ll find everything you need at Halloween Express. Halloween is more than a holiday here, it’s who we are! Get ready for screams of laughter and screams of fear this year at Halloween Express!

Shop online or in store at any of our Wisconsin Halloween Express locations.