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Simple 2016 Halloween Costume Guide

2016 has been hard. With a divisive election, a mess of an Olympics, and the death of way too many celebrities, we’re ready for 2016 to come to an end. With as hard as 2016 has been, we wanted to make it easy for you to pick out a Halloween costume. Whether you’re looking for something funny, scary, or raunchy, you can find it here with our simple guide.

The Best Halloween Costumes for 2016

A plethora of epic super hero movies came out this year, making it harder than ever for you to find the right costume for your kids. Plus, with the new Star Wars trilogy and Star Wars stories on the way, there are countless costumes to choose from.

Superman or Batman? Captain America or Iron Man? Wonder Woman or Black Widow? Rey or Kylo Ren? Wait, is Kylo Ren even a superhero? Can’t they just be pirates or a ninjas?  Don’t worry. We made things easy this year!

Marvel Halloween CostumesMarvel Costumes

Halloween Express carries a huge selection of Marvel costumes for boys and girls, including costumes from Captain America: Civil War! Are you team Cap, or team Stark? Don’t like standard superhero costumes? Make your own following our DIY guide!


Boys Super Hero CostumesBoy's Super Hero Costumes

We have a super-sized selection of super hero costumes for everyone from Superman to Antman! Can Batman really beat Superman? Can Superman really stop Batman from taking him out? Find out this Halloween with a selection of boys super hero costumes! Follow our DIY guide to make your own heroic costumes!


Girls Super Hero CostumesGirl's Super Hero Costumes

Save the day this Halloween as your favorite super heroine! Whether you want to make a smash as Wonder Woman or sneak from door to door as Black Widow, girls can find their favorite heroes at Halloween Express. Save the day and your wallet by following one of our DIY guides!


Star Wars CostumesStar Wars Costumes

The Force Awakens is almost a year old, and Rogue One comes out this December and we are almost as excited as the kids are! Our selection of Star Wars costumes is big enough to fill a Corellian freighter. Search your feelings (or our DIY guide) for great inspiration!


Classic Kids CostumesClassic Kids Costumes

You can’t go wrong with a classic. With a new super hero flick coming out every few months, it’s good to know kids still love the classics. Whether your kid wants to be a ninja, a pirate, or a cowboy, we have the perfect costume for them. We sell out of these classic kids costumes every year, so get yours while you can! Follow our classic DIY guides to make your own costumes!

Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween Express has a massive collection of adult costumes for men and women. We have you covered whether you want to be silly, scary, or sexy this year. With a circus of an election year, a troubled Olympics, and an explosion of awesome super hero movies, it might seem like 2016 will have too many great costumes to choose from. Luckily for you, we made this handy guide to make Halloween a bit less scary this year.

Political Costumes

You’re probably here to mock a certain candidate, but we have you covered if you want to show support too. Normally political costumes aren’t scary, but this year they are! Whether you lean left or right you can find great political costumes right here. Check out our adult costume guide for some more off-color political costume ideas!

Adult Super Hero Costumes

Comic book fans rejoice! Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, AND X-Men all came out this year and fans are itching to dress up as their favorite heroes this Halloween. Whether you’re on Team Cap or Team Stark, you want to be a merc with a mouth, or cause some mayhem as Harley Quinn, you can find the perfect costume here!

Scary Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is about more than candy and costumes; it’s about scares! Whether you want to be a goblin, a ghoul, a politician, an ax-wielding maniac, or some other terrifying monster you can find great costumes right here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always follow one of our DIY guides!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one night of the year where everyone from Snow White to Zombie brides can be made sexy. Whether you want to be a spider queen, a Disney princess, a nurse, or a convict you can look drop dead gorgeous doing it on Halloween. First turn heads, then turn them undead!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We have a collection of killer DIY guides for the aspiring ax murderer to follow. We even have a list of great costumes for those looking for a more off-color Halloween.

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2015

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to Halloween Express. Whether you need a last minute costume on the way to the party, or you need an entirely new idea, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find fresh Halloween trends every year at Halloween Express. Here are a few simple ideas to help you get started:

Superhero & Supervillain Costumes

Deadpool: The merc with a mouth makes his Hollywood debut next year! What could be more fun than a wise cracking assassin?
Harley Quinn: Ladies, if you want to be sexy, scary, and fun this Halloween, Harley Quinn is for you. Turn heads, then start cracking them!
Supergirl: Supergirl is the perfect superhero for ladies looking to save the day this Halloween.
Daredevil: If you haven’t watched Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix yet, go watch it right now. If you have seen it you’ll understand just how awesome a Daredevil costume will be.
Ant Man: 2015’s Ant Man was a smash hit. An Ant Man costume will be a hit at the party too.
Avengers: Take your pick from a pantheon of heroes! Capt. America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and more make excellent costumes.
Batman: Frankly, if you don’t love Batman we don’t want to be your friend.

Full selection of new costumes for sale at Halloween Express online.

Movies & TV Halloween Costumes

Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts in December 2015 and if you aren’t excited you need to reevaluate your priorities! Halloween Express has countless Star Wars costumes. Take your pick from new and old Storm Troopers, Jedi, or Sith.
Game of Thrones: Halloween means winter is coming; get ready with your favorite characters! Whether you’re a Lannister, a Stark, or the Khaleesi, you’ll find the perfect look and accessories at Halloween Express.
Mad Max: Halloween belongs to the mad. Be prepared for the apocalypse with a Mad Max costume.
Jurassic World: Take charge of raptors, or be one this Halloween with a Jurassic World costume!
Minions: Cute, funny, and instantly recognizable; Minions are quickly becoming a Halloween classic.

Full selection of new costumes for sale at Halloween Express online.

Classic Halloween Costumes

Ninja: Ninjas have been Halloween favorites for years. Who doesn’t want to be a shadow warrior?
Pirate: Pirate costumes are easy, fun, and instant classics. Plus they’re a great excuse to carry a sword!
Clown: Clowns are always scary, and they always will be.
Flapper Girl: Flapper girls exemplify a certain level of fun, flirty, sexy sophistication. Party like its 1925!
Witch: Witch costumes are simple and classic. They’re also a great excuse to “brew concoctions” at the bar for your next Halloween party.
Vampire: Vampires are a classic Halloween staple. Whether you want to glisten in the sun or burn in it, anyone can easily be a vampire.
Zombie: Few things are scarier than a legion of the undead knocking down your door, hoping to grab you and sink their rotting zombie teeth into your delicious Halloween candy.

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Top Costumes of 2014

2014 saw some great Halloween costumes. There were a million Elsas and Olafs running around; zombies and witches, and Minions by their sides. Here are a few of the top costumes of 2014:

Frozen: Frozen debuted in 2013, but its catchy songs and lovable characters will be around for years to come.
Ninja: All a boy want’s to do is carry a sword. Ninjas have been a top costume for years, and will be for many more. Who doesn’t want to be a shadow warrior?
Pirate: Pirates are another great excuse to carry a sword, or even a blunderbuss.
Clowns: Clowns saw a boost in popularity following 2014’s American horror Story: Freak Show. Is there really anything scarier than a clown?
Vampire: You don’t mess with a classic. Enough said.
Witches: A classic, witches saw a rise in popularity following American Horror Story: Coven.
Zombies: The zombie pandemic is still in full force as The Walking Dead continues to earn record ratings.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TMNT is back following the 2014 debut. What isn’t to love about pizza eating turtles who know Kung Fu?
Flapper Girls: Flapper girls will always exude a certain level of sexy sophistication. Pair with jazz and bootleg whiskey for a roaring good time.
Despicable Me: Despicable Me 2 debuted in 2013, but it spawned so many Minion costumes they could easily film Despicable Me 3 with a live cast.  
Maleficent: Disney’s most iconic villain got her own feature film in 2014, leading to countless Maleficent costumes in the fall.
Star Wars: Star Wars has always been cool, and it always will be. As we get ready for The Force Awakens, expect to see countless Storm Troopers and Jedi in 2015.  
Batman: Batman is the only superhero powerful enough to kill Superman. We’d wear a Batman costume every day if we could.

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