5 Best 2016 Halloween Costume Ideas

including Harambe, David Bowie and More.

2016 might be the most amazing year on record. We lost some treasured celebrities, the Olympics were a complete mess, and America is in the midst of the most ridiculous election in history. Our staff pick for the scariest costume of the year is just a T-shirt with “2016” printed on it. If you’re looking for laughs or some dirty looks, try some of these costume ideas.

Below are some of the best ideas for DIY Halloween costumes we've assembled for 2016. Enjoy!


Harambe Costume Guide Kenneth Bone Costume Guide David Bowie Costume Guide Serena Pokemon Costume Guide Zombie Ali Costume Guide
Harambe Costume Guide Kenneth Bone Halloween Costume David Bowie Costume Guide Serena Pokemon Halloween Costume Guide Muhammad Ali Halloween Costume



Harambe Halloween Costume Guide

DIY Harambe Costume Guide

DIY Harambe Halloween CostumeHarambe, the loveable and cuddly gorilla who was shot by zookeepers when a three-year-old fell into his enclosure. In a matter of hours everyone on social media was suddenly an expert in the field of animal husbandry.

We recommend wearing a gorilla costume with some fake blood while hugging a small doll. Bonus Costume: Your significant other can dress up as a zookeeper.



Ken Bone Halloween Costume

Ken Bone Halloween Costume Guide

So which candidate won the 2nd presidential debate in 2016 – Hillary or Trump? Actually, the winner was an audience member and undecided voter, Kenneth Bone. This man’s red sweater and power-stache has completely taken over the internet in a matter of days, and Halloween Express is here to help you achieve his amazing look from the 2016 presidential debate:

  • Ken Bone Halloween CostumeClothing Of course, Ken Bone wouldn’t be recognizable without his iconic red sweater. You can just use your favorite red sweater, or purchase one from any local retail store, which you can then pair with khakis and a white collared shirt. If you’d like to add a little more girth to your Ken Bone costume, you can get your clothing in extra-large and wear a fat suit underneath, which is available only at Halloween Express.
  • Accessories Ken Bone’s mustache and glasses are also essentials to have when recreating the look, and both items are available at our online store. We also have a prop microphone available for you to carry around so you can ask people hard-hitting political questions about energy policy and job layoffs.

(Helpful tip: It might be useful to wear a name tag on your sweater so everybody will know your name is Ken Bone!)


Ken Bone is sure to be this Halloween’s signature costume, and you too can get in on all the fun of this year’s presidential race! Make sure you shop at Halloween Express for all your topical/political Halloween costumes!



David Bowie Costume Guide

David Bowie Costume Guide (Women's)

David Bowie was one of the most iconic glam rock musicians of our lifetime, and you can recreate his iconic look with your Halloween costume this year!

David Bowie Halloween Costume

With Halloween Express, you can choose from hundreds of fun, 70’s-inspired costumes for your perfect Bowie look, but here’s a helpful guide to help you refine your search:

  • Hair Bowie has had several iconic hairstyles throughout his life and career, but the most iconic was probably his bright red mullet when playing his rock alter ego Ziggy Stardust. To recreate this look, you can use the Riddler Wig available here at Halloween Express, but if you prefer, you could recreate Bowie’s other iconic hairdo from the movie Labyrinth with this Adult Rocker Wig instead.   
  • Makeup or Eyepatch Another iconic feature of Ziggy Stardust was the red and blue lightning bolt painted over his right eye. This look can be easily recreated with our No Smudge Makeup available at our online store. If you prefer not to put the effort into wearing face paint, however, you could simply put on a black eyepatch over your right eye – yet another signature Bowie look that’s easy to rock!
  • Outfit This part of the costume you can have lots of fun with – Bowie wore a ton of crazy-looking, psychedelic outfits over the course of his career, and you can choose whichever one is your favorite! Browse through our 60’s and 70’s costume page to find inspiration for your perfect Ziggy Stardust costume – the more metallic the better! And if you would rather go for a David Bowie from Labyrinth look this year, check out this white ruffled shirt available at our online store.
  • Shoes To complete your Bowie look, you need the perfect pair of shoes. Check out our Lace Up Knee High Boots from our online store to make your costume authentic and vibrant!



Serena Pokemon Costume Guide

Serena from Pokemon XY Costume Guide (Kid's)

Serena Pokemon Halloween CostumePokemon Fever has taken over the world! Kids and adults alike can go out into the world and catch Pokemon on their phones now, but this Halloween, you could dress up and become a REAL Pokemon master with the help of Halloween Express!

With this Serena from Pokemon costume guide, your child will definitely become the very best, like no one ever was!

  • Hat Serena is well-known for her signature red fedora, and you can recreate it here with the red flapper hat available at our Halloween Express online store. If this hat is too big for your kid to wear, then try using our Child Toy Story Jessie Hat, which fits children ages 3 and up.
  • Skirt Serena wears a high-waist red miniskirt, which you can recreate right here at Halloween Express! Our Child Size Red Petticoat is perfectly adorable to wear when you really want to accessorize your child’s Serena look.
  • Tights While Serena usually rocks black thigh highs, black tights may be a little easier for your child to wear. Our black child tights   are an essential addition to your kid’s perfect Pokemon trainer costume!
  • Serena finishes off her look with a black sleeveless shirt and black sneakers, both of which can be found at home or at any retail store near you!



Muhammad Ali Costume Guide

Zombie Ali Costume

Muhammad Ali is perhaps the best boxer to have ever graced the ring. Even on his deathbed, Ali was terrifying. Imagine how scary he would be if he came back? We just hope a punch would shatter his decomposing wrist before it shatters our jaws.

Muhammad Ali Halloween Costume

Combine a boxer costume with some simple corpse paint for a Zombie Ali costume!



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